• Amber Jameson

Tucson Hardcore Band Mad World Comes Out Swinging with Release of 'Realidad'

Formed in August of 2017, Mad World is no stranger to the scene of Arizona Hardcore. The 5-piece has spent the last 2 years polishing their sound, and their latest self-release, "REALIDAD", really shines a light on their progression. Although it is just a 2-song release, it's filled with enough energy and pit-opening riffs to make you want to put it on repeat.

I had the chance to interview a couple of the members from Mad World on their latest release:

The name Mad World, to me, perfectly encompasses your sound. Fucking angry, 'sick of your shit' attitude. How would you describe your band to someone who hasn't listened to you before?

"We are primarily a hardcore band with thrash influences since a lot of our members grew up on it. Overall, we just like writing hardcore music for our friends to sing and dance to."

There is definitely an old-school hardcore vibe in a lot of your riffs and overall songwriting. Reminds me of '05 Terror mixed with tasteful ass-beating chugs. What are your biggest influences?

"Our biggest influences are bands like Xibalba, Bent Life, Terror, Down to Nothing, Madball. Also thrash bands like Havok, Iron Reagan, Anthrax and DRI."

Let's talk about what you guys have coming up. I've seen your name on some pretty big bills coming through Phoenix.

We are playing with some of the biggest names that we ever have and we could not be more excited. We are playing with Slapshot on February 7 and then The Warriors on February 19. **

Realidad, being just 2 songs, really delivers. The switch between spanish and english lyricism is really interesting. What inspired these songs?

(Angel, vocalist of MW:) When it comes to the newest EP I wanted them in Spanish. It's my first language, it's my culture, and it's how I was raised. It's rough but it made me who I am today and I wanted to share that with everyone”

Stream their latest tracks on their Spotify, give their pages a follow, and if you're in AZ, go to one of their shows. They don't disappoint.

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Special thanks from the Mad World family to Martin Miramontes of Pointbreak for his help and support throughout this release. Also big thanks goes out to JJ Corirossi for production/mixing/mastering.