• Amber Jameson

Everyone Deserves to Suffer- Seventh Circle

Hailing from the 805 Santa Barbara, CA area, this deceivingly heavy band consists of just 2 members. (Daniel- Instrumentation/ Josh- Vocals) Releasing their 3 song, 13 minute demo in November of 2019, Seventh Circle has quickly gained traction and attention on the West Coast. With a sound as abrasive and relentless as theirs, it's easy to see why. Recently, I got to sit down and talk with Josh about the last couple months of the experimental doom sludge project.

Seventh Circle, tell me about the message behind your name. How did you land on it?

"It was an idea I had, I had been wanting to start a doom band for a while actually. Then, once Daniel and I linked up, it just fit. It pertains to the importance of the number 7 and the lowest circle of hell."

It seems like there's a common theme with your lyricism. What is your inspiration and what is your message in this demo?

"For lyrics, I try to let out darker aspects of how I see the world but still building something positive. Mostly things pertaining to black magic and human suffering / self loathing is what I draw upon."

For the demo our message would be to just do whatever the fuck you want. The world can be a really ugly place if you let it but once you take an objective look at it, you can realize you’re more than your circumstances."

Now that you have music out, can we expect any live shows soon? What's coming up next?

"Yeah, we’ve had people ask us and we’d love to play live; especially in the 805 Santa Barbara area. It's definitely something we’re working on. Not just there though, we’d be down for anywhere. Like most bands, it’s just figuring out timing and work.

Next we have a full length coming out. We recorded most of it and it’s going to be less over the place like the demo was but it’ll still have our sense of sludge or that experimental feel we’ve tried to incorporate into our music."

Put out through Caligari Records, Seventh Circle's 'Cycle of Violence' is available now on cassette and digital streaming: