• Amber Jameson

Counterpoint: NC Hardcore Brings Positive Aggression to the Scene

Unapologetic positive hardcore. From living straightedge to accepting vegetarianism/veganism, the message is clear through vocalist Jared's lyrics. The consistent energy of the music backs it up entirely. Fresh off a debut demo released back in December '19, these guys are taking to it their message is received. Jaron (guitarist) and Jared were kind enough to have a conversation about it all.

Counterpoint is a new band, you guys haven't been around long right? How has the reception/interaction been so far?

Jaron: That’s very true. We haven’t been a band for a full year yet. I’ve played with Casey (drummer) for the past 2 years. We did a stint in another band from North Carolina. Danny (guitar) I’ve know for close to 10 years. Great dude and great musician!

How has the reception/interaction been so far?

"Kids have backed us all the way from the start of this. The NCHC scene has been nothing but welcoming and we can’t ask for anything more! It starts here at home. It starts with supporting your scene."

What is the direction or meaning behind Counterpoint? The lyrics seem to have a common theme.

For the band, the definition of the word Counterpoint says it all. An argument, idea or theme.

One song may touch on the facts of unity. The bonds made from this music we hold so dear.

'You Always Said' touches on my struggle with seeing close friends lose the edge and how frustrating it is to me to see them go down that path. I reflect on the anger I feel when they’ve made a promise, but didn’t hold up to their end of the bargain.

To me, your EP you dropped back in December has a very sonic, aggressive vibe to it, while still carrying a positive message. Do you see yourselves bringing that energy into future music?

100%!! NYHC meets Youth Crew is what I was going for with the sonic side of CP. Its mainly influenced by bands like Step For Change, Wide Awake, Judge and Leeway! Those influences will always be there. Vocal wise I wanted to have the lyrics clear as a bell. I feel like lyrics are a very integral part of hardcore. We’ve got something to say and I want those messages to be in your face and unapologetic!

How did Counterpoint begin? It's hard to find like-minded musicians, especially that share the same values.

Casey and I played in a band called Down To This for a bit. I recruited him after the first drummer Ryan had to move away to be with his family in Arizona. Shout out to Ryan Horner! He helped me write the CP Demo and I miss him a ton. Good dude, Badass drummer as well!

Jared ( vocals ) was contacted by John Carter ( Bassist ) and he sent us a voice memo singing to one of the demo tracks. I knew right away he was the voice for CP!

Danny has been a long time friend of mine. We always kept in touch while I was living in Minnesota. When I was looking for another guitar player I didn’t look far. I knew he needed to be part of the band!

Personally, my favorite song off the EP is Blood. Can you explain the meaning of the lyrics?

Blood was written for anyone questioning their choice to consume animal products and the culture that breeds that decision. “Always taught, since I was young, eat them for pleasure, one by one.” It was a choice I made for myself even though I was taught something so different.

I think Blood was my way of saying I made the change. I broke the cycle of murder and animal exploitation the best way I see fit; by accepting and practicing Veganism and Vegetarianism. It’s also blaming the education all of us get from an early age. The idea that we require animal flesh to grow and survive is total bullshit!

How are you guys spending your time with the stay-at-home orders? Any big plans for when things lift up?

We’ve been rehearsing! This virus thing sucks 100%. Thankfully for us as individuals much hasn’t changed. I’ve been writing music and thankfully still working. I know friends of ours are hurting during these times and I really hope this turns around soon for them and anyone else affect by the lockdown. We are going to record an LP after all this and continue to play as much as we can. We’ve only played 4 gigs and are super hungry for more!

Having just released a 4 song demo, it's safe to expect more from this group. Keep them on your radar (and your playlist),

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