• Amber Jameson

AZ's Life and Limb prepare to release EP 'Doubt'

Life and Limb was formed in early 2018 by Corey Skowronski (vocals; guitarist for American Standards), Mike Hyde (guitar; former bassist for the short lived Lilith), and Tyler Mahle (bass) with the idea of bringing back the fast, aggressive, and sometimes melodic, hardcore they grew up with. They wrote and recorded a 3-song demo in July 2018 and by August had added Ryan Horner (previously of Hit The Deck) and played their first show in February 2019.

After months of writing, the band entered Catalyst Studios to record their first E.P. "Doubt". Ryan left the band shortly after recording and Jeremy H. stepped in to fill his place on drums.

Life and Limb have become known for their relentless drive to push themselves to the limit in their music and live performances. For fans of Comeback Kid, Most Precious Blood, Run With The Hunted, & Strife.

"Doubt" is scheduled to be released January 31st, 2020

Watch their music video below for their single 'Gravedigger'.